By Jennifer Woods posted 05-26-2022 01:27 PM

The past few years, mental health has been getting the public attention it needs. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we know that mental health is equally as important as physical health – the two are connected in many ways.

At Change Healthcare we have many behavioral health partners who do everything from connecting patients to providers, aid in scheduling/billing, provide platforms for telehealth, and helping patients access appropriate resources. We are fortunate to have so many partners that cover many of the aspects of mental health care and we take great pride in the work we help them do daily.

Here are some of Change Healthcare's Partners
  • Alma - Works diligently to pair patients with a licensed, in network, therapist to alleviate that burden so patients can focus on their care
  • DotComThreapy - A leader in pediatric therapy and transcending physical location barriers via community partnerships and telehealth options to meet children "where they are"
  • Qualifacts - Provides administrative support to providers so that they can focus on patient outcomes
  • Sondermind -  A pioneer in making mental health more convenient and transparent in pricing
  • Therapy Notes - Connects scheduling, billing and telehealth so that mental health teams can prioritize their patients

As an industry, we must continue to advocate and provide access to mental health resources. We support behavioral health organizations and companies in their mission – not just in May, but as an ongoing effort to progress and inspire a better healthcare system.

It's important we support mental health access and actively work towards creating a better, inclusive healthcare system.